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About the Adopt Vietnam guide to Vietnam adoption and travel, including my contact information.

Adopt Vietnam is the premier website for Vietnam adoption and travel, including return trips to Vietnam. It encompasses over two hundred articles on Vietnam adoption, Vietnam travel, Vietnamese culture, Vietnam and adoptive parenting. This community has been an important part of my parent support and advocacy for unique families.

It may be hard to believe now, but years ago when we adopted our daughter from Vietnam, I was unable to find information on either Vietnam or the adoption process. In hopes of learning more, we started the Adoptive Parents of Vietnam discussion forum in 1996. Soon after, I created this Adopt Vietnam site to provide a permanent information source for the world wide Vietnam adoption community. It has been updated with new information, and to provide support for people returning to Vietnam for homeland visits.

Articles are based on contributions from helpful members of the phenomenal Vietnam adoption community - experts, doctors, educators, parents and other generous people, plus my personal experience. If you are interested in providing your experience, articles, photographs, updated information or advertising, please let me know.

This site is my gift to the Vietnam Adoption Community. I am a scientist, writer and web designer, and a strong advocate of parent support and other information websites. I do not provide adoption services.

I hope you find this site a useful guide to your own trip to Vietnam. It is a gift from my family to yours.

Allison Martin (and my beloved Lyanna!)
Email: vietnam-adoption@adoptvietnam.org

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