More Vietnam Adoption Resources

Adopting Boys from Vietnam
Adoption of girls is more common than adoption of boys. On this site, Vietnam adoptive parents encourage adoption of boys by sharing their blessings with words and pictures.

When You were Born in Vietnam
A wonderful illustrated book to share with your child about Vietnam adoption.

Comeunity: Adoption, Parenting and Special Needs
Over 1000 articles on adoption education and parenting and caring for special needs children.

US Government Department of State - Bureau of Consuler Affairs - Vietnam Adoption
Official USA guide to adoption and travel advisories.

US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) Adoption Information for Vietnam
Official USA requirements for Vietnam adoption, provides good links for the requirements and process.

Government of Canada - Adopt a Child from Abroad
Official Canada guide to adopting a child internationally.

Adoptive Parents of Vietnam Yahoo Group
A discussion forum for Vietnam adoption. I started the group when I was in the process of adopting my daughter and it became extremely active with over 2000 members. I have retired as manager and it is much quieter now but still a good resource to ask questions.

More Vietnam Travel Resources

US State Department Travel Advisories for Vietnam
Current official travel advisories and useful advice on traveling in Vietnam.

Government of Canada -Travel Abroad
Country specific official travel advice and advisories for Canadians traveling internationally.

Fun Way to Learn Vietnamese
Use Rosetta Stone on your phone or computer. Amazon frequently has sales for the yearly version.

Vietnamese Money - Dong Exchange Rates
Current dong exchange rates are available on the internet. Note: You can not buy or exchange dong outside of Vietnam.

More Adoptive Parenting Resources

Comeunity: Adoption
Hundreds of articles on adoptive parenting and adoption advocacy.

Children's Disabilities Information
Articles and resources on children with special needs, including special need adoptions.

More Babylift Resources

Babylift Books
Guide to books about the Babylift with indepth personal book reviews and interviews with many of the authors.

Vietnam Babylift
Adoptive mom Lana Noone's website is another great resource for information on the Babylift.