Vietnam Adoption Travel FAQ

By Joyce Yiu, Lotus Travel

Travel advice for adoptive parents traveling to, from and in Vietnam.

Prior to your Departure to Vietnam

Weather in Vietnam

The country has a tropical-monsoon climate and most areas will only have two seasons: a rainy season where it is hot, humid and will rain most days during the months of May through September; and a dry season where it will be sunny but colder and dry in the months of November through April. Some areas in the north, such as Haiphong and Hanoi will experience all four seasons as we do in North America. Please refer to the following table for the average temperatures.

City Average Rainy Dry
Hanoi 73 84 62
Haiphong 73 82 64
Hue 77 82 73
Da Nang 82 84 80
Hoi An 80 84 77
Nha Trang 79 84 75
Qui Nhoh 82 84 80
Da Lat 79 84 75
Ho Chi Minh City 80 84 77

Packing for Vietnam

Pack light! It is easy to forget that you are able to purchase items while you are in Vietnam, or the amenities that hotels provide for your convenience.

Checked-in Luggage and Carry-on Restrictions

Intra Vietnam Travel

Important Social Etiquette

Traveling with Children

Food and Beverages

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