Adoptive Parenting

Articles on adoptive parenting advice, family stories, and transracial and cross cultural issues.

Vietnamese  adopteeCoping with Questions
As your child matures, you will encounter questions that relate to adoption issues. (Lana Noone)

Potential Challenges for Children of Transcultural or Transracial Adoption
Children often don't disclose incidents of racism, prejudice and discrimination to their parents. (Stephanie Bosco-Ruggiero, Gloria Russo Wassell, and Victor Groza)

Coping with Asian American Stereotypes
Challenges and frustrations of Asian American sterotypes. (Linh Lam)

On the Anniversary of Our Greeting and Receival
An adoptive mother reminisces on her son's adoption from Vietnam and the changes adoption has made in their lives. (Karen Biddulph)

A Gentle Morning Mist
When an adoptive mother and her child visit Vietnam to immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture, they also discover a deepened connection as a family. (Renee Friedman)

When You Were Born in Vietnam
Therese and William Bartlett, author and illustrator, describe their experiences in creating this lovely children's book for children adopted from Vietnam. (Interview by Allison Martin)

An Adoptive Family Returns to Lang Son, Vietnam
We landed at Noi Bai airport and I had to fight to hold back the tears. I was choked up. . .it was my baby's first trip back to Viet Nam. (Laura Polkowski)

A Vietnamese Family in France - A Children's Tale of Two Cultures
The joys of growing up with two cultures are explored in this interview with Caroline Hatton, author of the children's novel, Véro and Phillipe. (Allison Martin)

Clippings.. Real Mother and Racism
Baby book clippings spark a touching conversation between mother and her son, adopted during Vietnam Operation Babylift. (Pamela Chatterton Purdy)