Vietnamese and Asian Growth Charts and Discussion

By Allison Martin

Vietnamese and Asian growth charts, and their use for babies and children adopted from Vietnam..

Your physician will probably use the standard American charts to document your child's height, weight, and head circumfrance. They will plot your child's growth curve to determine if your child is accelerating in growth (a common phenomena among recently adopted children), matching the growth curve itself (even if at a lower percentile) or not making expected progress in growth in comparison with other children. Your child's progress will be compared to their starting point, even though it is reported as a percentile of the general population.

You may use these Vietnamese and SE Asian growth charts as supplements to the standard charts to get a better idea of how your child fits within the Asian and Vietnamese population. If you need more information, check the links below for growth charts of Chinese children.

Your child's medical circumstances, health history, early care and nutrition, genetic heritage, and even emotional experiences can impact their weight and growth. If your child does not make significant progress in growth over time, then you may wish to look into possible contributing factors (e.g., parasites or allergies and milk/food intolerance), and nutritional related issues (e.g., such as malnutrition or rickets). (See Comeunity's Adoption Health for more information.

If you and your physician cannot determine the cause, you may consider contacting a specialist in international or adoption medicine such as those listed on the International Adoption Medical Clinics page. You can find articles on growth and feeding issues on the Childrens Disabilities Information website.

Vietnamese Growth Charts

Growth chart for Vietnamese babies (Weight, 0-36 months)

Growth chart for Vietnamese children (Weight, 0-60 months

Growth chart for Vietnamese children - in Color (Weight, 0-60 months)

Growth chart for SE Asian girls (Weight, 0-7 years)

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