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Vietnam and Vietnamese Culture

With the adoption of your child from Vietnam comes a whole new Vietnamese culture that you will want to share with your family. Our articles introduce you to Vietnam and to the Vietnamese culture, including Vietnamese holidays, Vietnamese cooking, Vietnamese names, Vietnamese culture camps, craft projects, humanitarian aid projects, and more.

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Vietnamese Culture | The Country of Vietnam | Humanitarian Aid

Vietnamese Culture

Vietnamese Holidays & Celebrations
Celebrate the major Vietnamese holidays, Tet (Vietnamese New Year) and the Autumn Festival, with these stories, articles and photographs.

Vietnam Book Reviews
Explore Vietnam and Vietnamese culture with recommended books and movies on this fascinating country.

Vietnamese Names
A guide to Vietnamese names through stories, poems and comprehensive lists. Articles include Vietnamese names for boys and girls, Vietnamese naming traditions and the role of names in Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamese Cooking
Recipes and articles about Vietnamese food for your eating pleasure.

Vietnamese Language
Vietnamese proverbs, fonts, and language tapes.

Vietnamese Crafts
Children enjoy learning about the Vietnamese culture with these Vietnamese craft projects.

Vietnamese Music
Bring the music of Vietnam into your home.

The Country of Vietnam

Vietnam - The Country
An introduction to the country of Vietnam, location, people, language, and more.

Movies about Vietnam
Movies showing families in Vietnam, traveling in Vietnam and Vietnamese culture in Vietnam and the United States.

Noted Authors Discuss Vietnam and Vietnamese Culture
These interviews portray Vietnam and its culture as seen by authors and photographers, along with their advice for parents adopting from Vietnam.

Vietnam Maps
These maps of Vietnam provide a nice overview - major cities, water bodies and more.

Our Lady of La Vang
The story of this national shrine in Viet Nam

How You Can Help

Humanitarian Aid in Vietnam Directory
Read stories and browse the extensive list of Vietnam humanitarian aid projects to see how you might help.

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