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Vietnamese Food and Recipes

An Introduction to Vietnamese Cooking

Articles and recipes for cooking Vietnamese food, including suggestions on cooking rice, use of Asian herbs, and Vietnamese recipes.

Asian Herbs : For Flavor and for Health
Noted Vietnamese cook book author explains the role of herbs in Vietnamese and Asian cooking. (Mai Pham)

Cooking Rice
How to cook Vietnamese rice - rice varieties, proportions and using a rice cooker.

Vietnamese Cookbooks
Recommended recipe books for those who wish to cook Vietnamese food - for their family, schools or FCV gatherings.

Cooking Vietnamese Food
Mai Pham, the noted author of Vietnamese cookbooks, provides helpful advice on learning to cook Vietnamese food, in this interview. (Allison Martin)

Vietnamese Recipes
Popular Vietnamese recipes, including Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Steak, Vietnamese Stir Fry and more. (DC FCV)

Vietnamese Recipes at
You might also enjoy this resource for Vietnamese recipes and cookware. Find Vietnamese recipes clicking on recipes, and entering "Vietnamese" in the recipe search box.

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