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Health & Medical Information for Vietnam Travel

Health and medical advice for travelers to Vietnam - before you travel to Vietnam, during your stay in Vietnam and when you return from Vietnam.

Health and Medical Preparations Before Travel

Immunizations for Adoptive Parents Traveling to Vietnam
Take care of your own health. Shots you will need before you travel.

Vaccines for International Adoption
Dr Aronson provide detailed health and medical guidance on vaccines for prospective parents traveling internationally. (Dr. Aronson)

Vaccinations and Risks for Southeast Asia Travel
An general health overview of vaccinations for travelers to South East Asia. (Dr. Mark Wise)

What Medical Precautions Do I Need to Take?
Practical health and medical advice from the Vietnam Travel FAQ. (Jan Dodd)

Preparations For Your Trip to Vietnam
Medical suggestions and packing list from Beverly Roeder, DVM, PhD

Travel Health Resources
Key websites to visit before you leave, with health and safety information for travel to Vietnam.

Health and Medical Preparations In Vietnam

Clinics and Hospitals in Vietnam
List of medical clinics and hospitals in Vietnam for travelers. (Allison Martin)

Health Precautions for Travelers
Taking some simple health and medical precautions should minimize your risk of becoming ill while overseas. (Jean Nelson-Erichson and Heino R. Erichson)

Diseases and Travel Ailments in Vietnam

Back Home from Vietnam

Upon Your Return
Be on the alert for these health symptoms following your trip to Vietnam. (Dr. Mark Wise)

Health Issues of Children Adopted from Vietnam
Essential post-adoption health and medical information.

For more health and medical articles on International Adoption Travel see Comeunity - Adoption Health.
Hundreds of articles on medical issues for adoptive families, including Hepatitis B, parasites, scabies, lead, malnutrition, and children's issues including sensory integration, prematurity, cerebral palsy and much more.

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