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Single Parent Adoption

Articles on adopting from Vietnam as a single parent, including adoption stories, traveling to Vietnam as a single parent and adopting on your own.

Adoption Books
Books on single parent adoption, and other related topics.

Adopting on Your Own
Experienced advice for singles wishing to adopt and single adoptive parents from Lee Varon, author of Adopting On Your Own. (Allison Martin)

Adopting from Vietnam as a Single Mom
Kim Lewis shares her Vietnam adoption story and describes some of the preparations that are important for single mothers-to-be.

Vietnam Adoption - Five Weeks in Vietnam
Marea Jenness shares her adoption story and tour around Vietnam, as she visits Hanoi, HCMC, Dalat, Nha Trang.

Phoebe's Vietnam Adoption
Nancy Jessup shares the story of her adoption from Vietnam, plus a touching update.

Single Mother By Choice
Jane Mattes, author of Single Mothers by Choice discusses the choose of being a single mother in this interview. (Allison Martin)

Traveling Alone: Words of Wisdom
Advantages and advice for traveling alone to adopt. (Barbara Ohland)

Women Traveling to Vietnam
Good news, and a bit of advice, for women traveling to Vietnam in this interview with Jan Dodd, author of the Rough Guide to Vietnam. (Allison Martin)

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