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Vietnamese Family Names

In the United States, the Vietnamese family name is used as the last name. However, in Vietnamese, the family name is the first in order of the name series (ie, family name - middle name - personal name).

The most common Vietnamese name is Nguyen, connotating the last dynasty. Here are some of the more common Vietnamese family names.

Five Most Common Vietnamese Family Names

Nguye^~n (the most common family name)





Vietnamese Family Names - Meanings or Origins

 Bui: Muong name, from Hoa Binh province in Vietnam

Chu: Family name with Chinese roots

Hoang: means yellow, which is the royal color, and can infer royalty.

Lai: Chinese background

Lie^u: Chinese background

Lo: White Thai name

Nghiem: Prestigious central Vietnam family name

Pho': Chinese background

Trung: Loyalty to one's country or king 

More Vietnamese Family Names Duong Ta.
Ba ` nh Ha` Tang
Cao Hoa
Che^ ' Ho`ang Tha' i
Chu Hu'a Thie^'u
Cu` Hu`ynh To^n
Da`m La Trang Lam Tri.nh
Dinh Luong Truong
Da`o Ly' Tu`
Do^~ Mai Vanh
Do`an Ngo Vo~
Du Ngu.y Vuong

If you have additions or recommendations for Vietnamese names, please write us. Special thanks to Thong Doan Ngo, Patti Sheeter, Quynh-Anh Lam, Tran Anh Tu, Hong Cao, and Le Chi Thao for their contributions to this page.

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