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Adoption Agencies with Humanitarian Projects in Vietnam

Financial support for orphanages in Vietnam provides for food, shelter and other services and goods for babies and children whose parents are unable to care for them. Many of these children are not available for adoption and others are waiting for adoption. Many children in orphanages are older or have special needs or disabilities. This is listing of some of the humanitarian aid projects in Vietnam provided by adoption agencies, who welcome adoptive parent support.

Asian Children Services
Catalyst Foundation
Children's Hope International
Dillion International
Families Thru International Adoption
Holt International Children's Services

List of Humanitarian Programs in Vietnam BelowVietnam Humanitarian Programs Listed Below

Asian Children Services
Asian Children Services has been involved with building or remodeling 5 orphanages and other humanitarian aide projects in Vietnam since 1993. We are phasing out our adoption program and will concentrate on aid programs. We sponsor a project for elderly people (one of our goals is to hook up a Senior Center in the US with one in Vietnam), and a new project in cooperation with the Thai Binh Department of Justice. This is a three year project aimed at reaching the 14 villages of Thai Binh where many families live permanently on boats. Many times these families have not registered the births of their children and this results in a loss of schooling and medical benefits for the children. Our project provides education of community leaders and government officials on methods to encourage families to register their children's birth. The project also sponsors registration clinics where help is available to the families.

The director, Rose Marie Battisti-Bruce has worked with Amerasians and Vietnamese since 1983 as the Director of the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees located in Utica, New York. Since 1993, over 350 adoptions have been facilitated by Asian Children Services staff.

Catalyst Foundation
Catalyst Vietnam Humanitarian ProgramsCatalyst Foundation is now associated with the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota Vietnam adoption program. Catalyst Foundation is a non-profit, non-political organization working to improve the lives of orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children in Vietnam through educational scholarship and humanitarian relief efforts. We currently have projects serving 200 children and 100 families in the southern provinces of Vietnam in Dong Thap, Kien Giang and Ho Chi Minh. We also work to build cultural awareness and enrich the lives of children adopted from Vietnam. In 1999, Catalyst Foundation was established by a couple who adopted a twin from Viet Nam. We have worked in the provinces of Vinh Long (1999-2002), Binh Thuan (1999-2002), Saigon (2003-2004), Dong Thap (2005-present) and now in 2007 in Kien Giang and back to Saigon. We focus on our work on 3 specific projects in each province: Scholarship: Catalyst Foundation has a fundamental program to support children so that they could continue their education. Additionally, every year we celebrate the Little Red Fairy My Viet Nam Art Contest. Little Red Fairy Company has developed an annual scholarship program via the art contest, to help impoverished children in Viet Nam continue their education and build pride in their culture and individual talents. Micro Loan Program: This is a poverty-focused project designed to address the fundamental problem of low incomes for poor families and their limited control over that income. The project will take place primarily with families of girls receiving scholarships. Our goal is to significantly increase the income and economic security of poor women and their households. Direct Relief Efforts: We are committed to providing direct humanitarian relief by donating supplies as needed as well as organizing volunteer opportunities, including the Viet Nam Aid Expedition, to provide direct assistance to the children. In addition, we also work to build cultural awareness and enrich the lives of children adopted from Vietnam. The Vietnam Culture Camp is held twice annually in Minnesota and the East Coast. Catalyst Foundation is pleased to partner with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota to facilitate adoptions from Vietnam! For more information please contact Caroline Ticarro-Parker, Co-Founder & Executive Director at 507-664-9558 or

Children's Hope International
Children's Hope International is involved in many humanitarian aid projects in Vietnam. Because of poverty, abandonment, death of parents, criminal activity, divorce, prostitution and childhood illnesses there are over 1,800,000 orphans in Vietnam right now. Most of these orphans have to fend for themselves, often working as street peddlers, beggars, prostitutes or criminals. Your gift can turn these children's lives around by providing them with basic necessities such as food, shelter, education and much more. Thousands of Vietnamese children live without any hope for much more than simply surviving. Without education and a support system to help them, these children fall victim to child labor and the promises of food and money. Your gift will help our staff set up social groups and various activities to provide the support and guidance these children desperately need. CHI has a sponsorship program for Vietnam and other countries we work in. Monetary donations of any amount are very much welcomed and donations are tax deductible. Children's Hope International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Dillion International and OrphanCare
Dillon International through its humanitarian aid division, orphanCare International, has provided consistent quality care for the children of Vietnam since 1999. Working in five provinces, we are helping to bring a brighter future to orphaned children and low income families. Through donations of food and seed money, we have helped families stay together, raise their families and have the means to support themselves. A home for street children has been created to give abandoned children a place to call home. The loving people who run this home provide three nutritious meals each day, making it possible for the children to attend school, have a safe place to come home to and a safe place to sleep each night. Dillon International also supports several orphanages in these provinces helping to provide better living conditions for the children: clean water, urgently needed heart and cleft surgeries, medical supplies, nutritious food, renovated orphanage facilities, and education scholarships. The agency has also built playgrounds to give orphanage children a safe environment in which to play as well as supplied bicycles to help the older children to be able to go to school. Over 800 children are thriving due to the love, food, clothing, and medical attention they are receiving. Monetary donations of any amount are very much welcomed and donations are tax deductible. Dillon International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Families Thru International Adoption
Since our beginning, Families Thru International Adoption has participated in humanitarian aid for the benefit of children in each country we adopt from. In Vietnam, we have given aid through both our facilitators and independently to meet many needs. Some of our monetary aid has gone to provide financial support to help keep families together and to support those children who do not have families. For instance, we built a house for two teenage orphaned girls too old for an orphanage, bought a wheelchair for a disabled mother so she could keep working in order to support her child rather than placing her in an orphanage, and we have bought computers for an orphanage where older children resided to provide training in preparation for their release from the orphanage due to their age. We have helped fund the building of an orphanage in addition to providing the funding for the caretakers and the supplies for the orphanage and the children. We also have the privilege of providing humanitarian aid to China, Russia and Guatemala. In addition to the monies donated from FTIA’s General Operating Account, we have a Donations Account established where 100% of donated funds go overseas to the country the donating family designates.

Holt International Children's Services
Sponsor a child in Vietnam to help provide your sponsored child with these essentials: Warm clothing and attentive care, routine and specialized medical treatment, balanced and nutritious meals, safe and secure living environment and legal and social work assistance for family reunification and adoption. Holt pools sponsors' donations for each country to provide for the children in that country, so your sponsored child will directly benefit from your donations. You will receive a current child report and picture approximately four times a year.

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