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Travel Health Resources

Key websites to visit before you leave, with health and safety information for travel to Vietnam.

Health Issues of Children Adopted from Vietnam
Medical information for children adopted from Vietnam, also on Adopt Vietnam.

U.S. State Department Consular Information Sheet for Vietnam
Read this before you go! Be aware of these government travel advisory alerts, medical emergency suggestions and safety and security warnings for travelers to Vietnam.

CDC's Health Information for Travelers to Southeast Asia
Another must visit site, the Center for Disease Control's travel health advisories are excellent resources for international travelers. (If you are traveling with children, review the children's travel health section as well.)

Comeunity - Adoption Health
One of the oldest and largest online resources for international adoption health, with hundreds of articles on medical issues for adoptive families. Includes health and medical articles on Hepatitis B, parasites, scabies, lead, malnutrition, etc., plus children's medical issues such as sensory integration, prematurity, cerebral palsy and much more.

International Directory of Travel Clinics
State by state and international listings of selected travel clinics from the International Society of Travel Medicine.

State Health Department Medical Clinics
Many state and local health departments throughout the United States provide travel immunizations. If they do not have travel clinics, they usually know who in the area provides vaccines for travelers.

CDC Traveler's Health
The Center for Disease Control also provides overviews for travel health topics such as disease risks, precautions, insect protection, etc.

Health & Medical Information for Vietnam Travel
Our articles on health and medical recommendations for families traveling to Vietnam.

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