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Adapters and Converters for Your Electronic Equipment in Vietnam

Adaptors and converters for computers, DVD players, camcorders and other electronic equipment for travel to Vietnam.

You can use your computer, DVD players, camcorders, electric razors and other electronic equipment in Vietnam, with just a few small pieces of equipment.

Most plugs in Vietnam are still of the two-prong electric plug variety, so you will need to use a plug adapter to adapt three-prong electronics to two-prongs. The more modern hotels may use the British style three-prong plugs.

It is easiest to buy the adapter ahead of time and bring it with you. These are readily available in most electronic stores, or you can order travel adapters on Amazon.

If your electronic device is not marked with 110-220v, it will not work with the 220v current used in many parts of Vietnam.

It is relatively is easy to purchase a converter in Vietnam. However, you may prefer to bring one with you if you are staying in several countries or want to be prepared ahead of time. I found a nice kit locally but you can also find a variety of travel converters on Amazon.

Here are a few examples of electrical plugs and typical voltages in Vietnam.

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