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Fleming's Packing List for Travel to Vietnam

We adopted 2 kids - 11 month old and 6 month old -
December 1999


Suitcase - 2 large
Backpack - 2


All INS paperwork - 2 sets
All Kid's original Vietnamese documents & translations (we got them in VN)
Notarized I-864 form & I-684A if required (We had already sent it)
Passports & Visas
Phone #'s and e-mails (family,friends,INS,doctor,senators,agency,consulate)
Photocopies of Credit Card
Photocopies of passports and visas
Photocopy of dossier - 2
Tax - 1040's, W2's and attachments for the past 3 years - 2 sets
Travel itinerary

Clothes for Us:

Warm clothes for Danang depending on season (we went in December and it was cold and wet)
Bras - 3
Dress - 1 G/R ceremony
Pants - washable linen drawstring-waist things
Shirts - 4 each
Shirts - Blouses - loose
Shoes - 2 each (tennis, sandals)
Shorts - 4 pr. Each
Slacks - 2 pair light (not jeans )
Socks - 3 pr each - do need socks, but not 5 pr.
Swimsuit (did not get to use - too cold in Danang, and no time in HCMC)
Underwear - 5 pr each
Watch each

Clothes for Kids:<
Warm clothes for Danang depending on season (December was cold and wet)
Baby blanket - 1
Burp rags - 6
Footed pajamas/sleepers - 5
Hat - 1
Onesies - 2
Outfits - 5 - (1 for G&R ceremony and 2 for coming home)
Socks - 4

Gifts: - didn't actually NEED any gifts

Money for caregivers ($25 each - 6 caregivers)
Scented lotions
Plastic keys
Baby clothes
Toys for infants through 2 year old

Bathroom Supplies for Us:

Alcohol pads
Antibiotic - Cipro 500mg-- 1 prescription each - didn't need
Anti-Nausea Med - Prescription- didn't need
Athlete's Foot Medicine- didn't need
Benadryl creme
Benadryl pills - didn't need
Cortaid -- didn't use
Cough Drops
Diphenoxylate/Atropine-- 1 prescription each
Dulcolax -- didn't use
Glasses & case
Handiwipes - very important
Imodium AD
Insect repellent - 30% DEET Repellent- NEEDED IN DANANG - I got eaten alive without it
Kleenex - Many bathrooms didn't have TP
Nail clipper/file/tweezers/scissors
Pepcid AC
Prescription Medicine
Shampoo - No larger than 8 ounces.
Small Shaving Cream
Soap - 1 bar - didn't need, soap at hotel
Sunscreen - Should have used in HCMC when we went to VN village
Tums- didn't need
Yeast Infection Medicine - didn't need

Bathroom for Kids:

Antibacterial hand gel
Baby Acetaminophen Drops- didn't need, but easily could have - BEST for baby fever
Baby anbesol- son was teething and it came in handy
Benadryl- didn't need
Baby brush
Baby Dimetapp
Baby nail clippers - NEEDED
Baby sunscreen
Baby wash - can use for shampoo and washing baby laundry
Calamine lotion-- Needed for me when I got bug bites
Cephalexin -- didn't need
Changing pad
Cloth diapers - 2
Desitin -- only needed 1
Diaper baggies - 6 pkgs. Of 20 each
Diapers - Huggies Supertrim size 3 - 100 - only needed around 75, but you can buy there. (1 year old)
Diapers - Huggies Supertrim size 2 - 100 - only needed around 75, but you can buy there. (6 month old)
Elimite - (for scabies) - didn't need
Mylicon drops - Gas medicine
Infant Suppositories-- Didn't need
Kao lectrolyte -- didn't use
Med dosage dropper
Mytrex -- didn't need
Nasal aspirator
Nix (lice)-- didn't need
Pacifiers and clip - Used clip to attach toy to shirt when on the go.
Q-tips - 50 - rarely used, brought too many
Sodium sulamyd -- didn't' need
Syringes, sterile - 5 -- We didn't take these, but you should, just in case your kid needs a shot!!
Thermometer- digital - didn't need, but easily could have
Washcloth/1 towel with hood - 2
Wet wipes - LOTS

Food for Kids:

Bottle liners - 300 (only needed 120)
Bottles - 4 healthtex (or something like that)
Bowl with cover - 3
Nipple - 4 of EACH - fast flow best
Nipple adapters - 4
Powdered formula - 1 can
Rice cereal - 1 16 oz. Boxes - didn't use - kept them on VN formula while we were there
Soy formula - 1 can - didn't use
Spoon - 2 baby

Food for us:

(VN food was excellent and hotel food good!!!)

Granola Bars
Cup of Soup mixes
Cups - not needed
Gatorade mix/Koolaid
Ziploc bags
24 peanut butter cracker packs
1 package nutrigrain bars
2 bags dried fruit -- loved having this
2 bags prunes -- only ate 1
2 bags sunflower seeds -- only ate 1
2 plastic spoons
Candy of choice (hotel had Mars bars at $7.50 each. Well worth it, but would have loved to have our own)
Twist ties -- didn't use
Small dish detergent - NEEDED


Alarm clock
Avery labels- didn't need
Calculator -- very handy
Camera - smallest and best you can find, panoramic option would be a plus
Cassette tapes - 3
Charger/ plug in
Email - get setup at home - YAHOO was excellent
Film - 16 rolls of film- 24 exp. Each - film is cheap and easy to find, 36 exp. 200 speed = $3.00
Flashlight and batteries
International plug set and converter- didn't need
Kids - toys - 2 teething toys, rattles, plastic keys, plastic kids cups (the favorite) - NEEDED MORE!!
Large envelopes- didn't need
Locks and tags
Money - $3,000 spending money-- used around 1500
Money - American $1 bills (100), $5 (100) $10 (100)
Money neck pouch - USEFUL
Notebooks -- used 1
Rubber bands
Sewing kit - used a needle in the kit to enlarge nipple holes.
Sling (Don't take!!) & snuggli (useful) - RECOMMEND BABY BJORN CARRIER (can find on the web)
Small scissors
Small sheet of bubble wrap - USEFUL for wrapping fragile things we bought
Sponge - didn't need
Stroller (bought a Great one there for $20)
Swiss Army Knives
Tape - packing
Tape - scotch
Travel Clothes line - DID NOT NEED - Hotels all had them
Travel journal
Video - blank 8mm tapes
Video camera / battery
Vietnam guidebooks
Vietnamese phrase book
Washcloths (NONE of the 3 hotels we stayed in had them).
Water purifier tablets - did not need

For more information on their trip, visit the Flemings website.

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