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Dalsemer's Packing List for Vietnam

May 21-June 4, 1997, 17 month old boy

The weather in southern Vietnam and Thailand at this time of year was very hot and humid. Rains were brief and heavy. We did not take raingear. Lightweight rain panchos would have been useful on a few occasions, but not essential.

We tried to pack so we had essentials for 2 days in our carry-ons in case our checked bags were lost. We tried to split needed items between the checked bags in case one should be lost.

Our luggage:

2 Lands End large check-thrus (soft sided)
2 Lands End medium "flight bag" carry-ons (one doubled as a diaper bag-didn't need second one on the way home)
1 small day pack
1 Gerry umbrella stroller purchased for $15 at Wal-Mart (checked)- used a lot!

For our 17 month old male child:

2 packages of 48 Huggies Supreme # 3 diapers (used only 1/2 package since Peter was trained at the orphanage to go on the toilet when held there!)
2 packs of 160 Huggies unscented Baby wipes (resealable refill packs) (used 1/2 pack)
2 - 8 oz boxes of Gerber Rice Cereal (didn't use-he didn't like it until he got home)
1 - 14 oz can Carnation Follow-up Soy Formula (should have taken 2-3 cans)
2 - 8 oz Playtex Disposable bottles
120 disposable bottle liners
2 toddler size nipples (very necessary!)
2 pacifiers
2 baby spoons
1 nibble brush
1 8 oz Playtex cup (filled with Cheerios)
1 4 oz Playtex Cup (filled with Cheerios)
1 Small Baby dish with lip (filled with Cheerios)
1 small zip lock bag with Cheerios (never used the Cheerios - he didn't like them until we got home)
4 small toys (make them chewable!)
2 "snapshot" books (he mostly chewed them)
20 small Zip lock bags
20 large zip lock bags
5 pair of baby socks (3 with non-skid bottoms - never needed baby shoes!)
2 hats (one didn't fit)
1 bathing suit (hotels had pools)
6 sleepers
5 onesies
1 long sleeve t-shirt (didn't use)
3 short sleeve t-shirts
2 pair of shorts
1 dressy outfit for giving and receiving (didn't have time to put it on before the ceremony!)
1 sweat shirt (only for the airplane and L.A. airport -brrrr!)
3 bibs
2 receiving blankets
3 cloth diapers
1 - 9 oz Johnsons baby bath
1 - 14 oz Johnsons baby oil (didn't need)
8 Feverall suppositories
1 children's Dimetapp
1 Infant Tylenol
1 5 ml (1 tsp) dosage dropper
1 Children's Kaopectate
1 Simethicone Drops (for gas)
1 - 2 oz Desitin ointment
Elimite (for scabies)
Elocon (Rx for rashes, skin problems)
1 Lorabid (Rx antibiotic)
3 samples Betadine (first aid Antibiotic)
1 bottle of Nix shampoo for lice
1 thermometer

We didn't need any of the medical items except the Elimite for scabies - but recommend taking them all just in case.


3 small toys for the orphanage
2 sets of notepaper
2 sets of papermate pens
4 3.5 oz bath & shower gelee
2 1 oz Jergens lotion


1 can of powdered Gatorade (used most of it)
2 boxes granola bars
2 inflatable travel pillows
1 set of ear plugs
1 roll toilet paper
1 small plastic camping bottle of dish soap
14 rolls of film (used 12)
2 cameras
1 small roll of duct tape (handy!)
1 Vietnamese phrase book (never needed)
1 Lonely Planet Vietnam tour guide (very handy)
1 Lonely Planet Bangkok City guide (very handy)
1 security hidden pocket (used by Bob)
1 security belt (used by Hanne under clothes)
1 currency converter/calculator
$1750 cash (spent about $1500 - our agency recommended taking $100 per individual, $125 per couple per day - this worked out just about right)
$1000 in travelers checks (never used)
Visa card - used for hotel in Bangkok and meal in L.A. airport
1 small flash light
1 alarm clock
1 Swiss army knife
2 pair reading glasses (Bob)
Extra pair of glasses (Hanne)

Passports with visas
Airline tickets
Itinerary & instructions from our agency
child's original documents
3 years of tax returns (photocopies)
original I-171H and I-171 (we didn't have the I-171 when we left!)
photocopies of passports
photocopy of Hanne's Green Card

Hanne's Clothing:

2 Skirts
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of Shoes
1 pair of Sandals
1 pj's
1 cardigan (only used on the plane)
1 bathing suit
3 bra tops
6 underwear
4 pair socks
1 pair of heavy socks (never used)
6 shirts (cotton tops) (4-5 would have been enough)

Bob's Clothing:

1 pair of wool socks (keep feet warm on plane)
5 pair of light cotton socks
3 pair of long pants
1 pair of shorts (should have taken 2 pair shorts and only 2 long pants)
3 polo shirts
2 short sleeve dress shirts
1 pj's
5 pair of undershorts
2 undershirts
1 sweatshirt (for plane only)
5 handkerchiefs
1 pair Rocsport dress walking shoes
1 pair Birkenstock sandals (wore them a lot!)
1 belt

Toilet articles:

1 bottle of nasal spray
1 bottle Sudafed (not used)
tube hydrocortisone cream
soap (didn't need - hotel had ok soap)
cotton cue tips
nail clippers
hair brushes
Melatonin (to aid sleep)
Dramamine (motion sickness)
Cipro (Travelers Diarrhea-antibiotic)
Lomotil (For diarrhea)
should have also taken Immodium A/D for diarrhea
Benedryl (antihistamine - also can be used to aid sleep)
Tampax pads
6 packs of Kleenex (3 used)
toothbrushes & toothpaste

You can meet the Dalsemer's son Peter in the FCV Photo Gallery.

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