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Vietnam Internet Access and Cybercafes in Vietnam

By Allison Martin

Accessing the internet and your email when traveling in Vietnam.

Luckily for adoptive parents traveling to Vietnam, internet access for travelers in Vietnam is much easier than in the past. While Vietnamese people still have limited access to the Internet in comparison to other countries, it is becoming much more accessible for travelers to Vietnam (and for Vietnamese residents). Vietnam does monitor and restrict some internet access, but this has loosened up considerably in the past few years as the country becomes more modernized and internet services have become more ubiquitous.

Rather than bother with a slow and complicated direct connection, most people set up web based accounts on Yahoo, Google or AOL to write back home. Many travelers use these accounts to communicate with a number of family members and friends at one time. Blogs can also be accessed from Vietnam to report on your trip.

Almost all of the major hotels have internet and/or email access or you can go to an Internet Cafe. Internet access is easiest in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but also available in better hotels and a few internet cafes in smaller cities as well.

These links provides lists of some of the Internet Cafes in Vietnam:

Internet cafes in Hanoi and HCMC
Internet Cafes in Hanoi
Internet Cafes in HCMC

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