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Medical Facilities and Clinics in Vietnam

By Catherine Coleman

Clinics and hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City medical clinics
Hanoi hospitals and medical clinics
A note on local pharmacies and antibiotics

Ho Chi Minh City Clinics and Hospitals

OSCAT/AEA International Clinic
65 Nguyen Du, District 1
Tel: 848 829-8520
Fax: 848 829-8551

Columbia-Gia Dinh International Clinic 
01 No Trang Long, Binh Thanh District
Tel: (848) 803-0678. 

Hanoi Clinics and Hospitals

Hanoi Family Practice
A1 Van Phuc, Suite 109-112
Tel.: 843-0748
Fax: 843-1750

AEA International Clinic
31 Hai Ba Trung
Tel.: 934-0555
Fax: 934-0556

AEA International Services
(emergency medical evacuation)
Tel.: 821-3555

Vietnam International Hospital
Phuong Mai
Tel.: 574-0740, 574-1111
Fax: 869-8443

Also available in Hanoi, but no information on recommendation:

International SOS
31 Hai Ba Trung
Tel: (844) 934 0555
Fax: (844) 934 0556
Hanoi Clinic: (844) 934 0666

Viet Duc Hospital
40 Trang Thi Street
Tel: (844) 828-9852
Fax: (844) 824-8308

Hanoi French Hospital
Phuong Mai Road, Dong Da
Tel: (844) 574 0740
Fax: (844) 869 8443

A note on local pharmacies and antibiotics: Pharmacies, called "nha thuoc" in Vietnamese, can be found on almost every square block of the city. Many medicines which require presciptions in the U.S., including many antibiotics, can be purchased over-the-counter. Antibiotic misuse is widespread as a result, and many bugs which are easily treatable in the U.S. have become drug-resistant and much more stubborn here. Treatment requires persistence and often more than one type of antibiotic. Another note of caution -- the medicines available at local pharmacies are often counterfeit or past their expiration dates. The western clinics noted above sell imported, authentic medications. (Special thanks to Catherine Coleman for this information.)

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