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Maid In Vietnam

Maid in Vietnam Co. Ltd., is the first (and still the only) licensed organisation to train Nannies, baby sitters, cooks and housemaids for foreign families in Vietnam. Established in 2001, we give the maids training in personal hygiene and health care - (i.e. what are bacteria and why foreigners get sick and they do not)! This is especially important for children, with food preparation and general cleanliness in the house/apartment. They also get basic first aid training and a thorough medical check-up, as the majority have parasites (worms) and some have been found to have Hepatitis and TB. Thereafter they study Child Care, Health & Hygiene for infants, Kitchen Management & Safety, and Cookery we then categorise them as "General Housekeepers", "Cooks" or "Nannies". We provide a service for short and long term hire and training packages for those with existing staff.

We have provided short term nannies, baby sitters and cooks for several families adopting children in Hanoi and believe that this service is of interest to many families who come here and have to spend time with the process of adoption and occasionally need a day off or even longer periods of assistance.

We screen the backgrounds of all our staff before employing them. If clients are not happy with the staff chosen we can exchange them for another - until the client is satisfied. (It generally takes a week for them to settle in and for both parties to "get used to each other). If they are sick then we provide an alternative to replace them. If they buy food or household items for clients, we ask them to show us a copy of what they spent to check that they have not inflated the prices - common practice here I'm afraid! They have a final medical check before working for a new client. We look after all their salary and benefits and invoice the client, or their organisation, on a monthly basis. For short term hire we invoice at the end of the hire period. If the client is a company requiring a tax receipt then this can be provided. Our pricing is quoted "excluding tax" as most clients are private individuals who do not require tax receipts. We ask all clients to complete a simple Performance Report each month. It comes with the invoice. This enables us to monitor performance and correct any shortcomings.

Maid in Vietnam Co Ltd
34 Xuan Dieu Street
Tu Lien
Tay Ho District

Tel: (84) 4 7183112
Fax: (84) 4 7183113

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