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Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul

Chicken Soup for the Adopted SoulChicken Soup for the Adopted Soul will touch your heart with stories about finding and creating a family. From stories about international orphaned babies, to children who spent years in the foster care system, to those who were adopted at birth, this very special compilation conveys the true meaning of unconditional love.

Read a moving letter from a birth mother to her son telling how difficult it was to give him up when she didn’t have the means to care for him, how she still thinks about him often, and how she will always love him. Read stories from the now-grown children, and even those from the Vietnam Operation Babylift in 1975. Through their stories you will delight in meeting happy, well-adjusted, grateful members of families and society.

Take pleasure in stories of infertile couples who are given the gift of parenthood, adopted children who thrive and find joy in life, and older couples given a second chance at family.

Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul provides insight into what adoption is all about, and what it’s really like to be adopted. Share in our celebration of the lives of adopted children who found forever families and parents who found forever love.

For a personally signed copy visit or pick up copies at most bookstores!

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