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New Parents : Transition into an Adoptive Family

Adoption advice for new adoptive parents on the transition into an adoptive family - from your first meeting in Vietnam with your adopted child through attachment. This section also provides practical articles on important parenting topics such as helping your child sleep through the night, coping with unwanted baby advice and sibling jealousy.

Adoption Transition Articles for New Parents:

Attaching in Adoption
Deborah Gray, author of "Attaching in Adoption", provides professional guidance on the attachment of adopted children. (Interview by Allison Martin)

Toddler Adoption - Steps for an Easier Transition
Suggestions to help the adjustment process when you bring your adopted child home. (Claire Crocker)

Meeting Your Adopted Child for the First Time
You’ve carried a picture around for months. In the meantime, your child-to-be has not been frozen in time like the photo. (Jean Nelson-Erichson & Heino R. Erichson)

Caring for Your Child Overseas
Suggestions for care of your newly adopted toddler or older child in another country. (Jean Nelson-Erichson & Heino R. Erichson)

On the Anniversary of Our Greeting and Receival
An adoptive mother reminisces on her son's adoption from Vietnam and the changes adoption has made in their lives. (Karen Biddulph)

Handling Unwanted Advice
Elizabeth Pantley, author of "Gentle Baby Care", shares tips for responding to unwanted advice on your baby.

Adoption is a Family Affair!
The biggest questions from pre-adopters have always been "How can we get our families to understand and accept adoption?" and "What do we do about the stupid comments?"

Sleeping Through the Night
Dr. Jodi A. Mindell, authority on sleep and author of "Sleeping Through the Night" provides advice to adoptive parents on helping your child to sleep and common sleep issues. (Interview by Allison Martin)

First Child Jealousy
Coping with jealousy towards the new baby. (Elizabeth Pantley)

Resolving the Loss of Fertility
What does it mean to resolve your infertility when adopting? Adoptive parents openly share their experiences and advice on resolving issues related to infertility. (Allison Martin)

When You Were Born in Vietnam
Therese and William Bartlett, author and illustrator, describe their experiences in creating this lovely children's book for children adopted from Vietnam. (Interview by Allison Martin)

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