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Vietnam Photography Books

Vietnam is profoundly photogenic as demonstrated by the remarkable quality of these photography books illustrating this fascinating country. Professional photographers and enraptured travelers capture the elusive qualities of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people, each telling a unique story. Many of these picture books also provide interesting background information on Vietnam. These Vietnam photography books make delightful gifts and useful educational resources.

Windows to Vietnam, a Journey in Pictures and Verse
by Scott C. Clarkson (Photographer) and Veita Jo Hampton (Author)
Delightful, large format color photographs celebrating the land and people of Vietnam – its vibrant colors, ancient way of life, and active lifestyle.Modern scenes of city life are commingled with the more traditional colors of the markets, rivers, rice paddies and the sea. These remarkable pictures are accompanied by poems which riff on the themes evoked by the images - an intriguing merger of past, present and future in Vietnam today. Anyone who loves Vietnam will enjoy this gorgeous gift book celebrating the country of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people.
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Vietnam: Journeys of Body, Mind, and Spirit
by Van Huy Nguyen (Editor), Laurel Kendall
This book is a remarkable resource of Vietnamese folklore, cultural history, and rural traditions. Created by the American Museum of Natural History and the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, this book accompanied the wonderful joint exhibit of Vietnamese culture held in 2005. Backed by extensive research, the detailed discussions are easy to comprehend. Lovely photographs accompany each article.
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Pagodas, Gods and Spirits of Vietnam (Hardcover)
by Ann Helen Unger, Walter Unger
A lovely book with photographs of Vietnamese pagodas and worshippers. Originally printed in German, this informative book was reissued in English recently.
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Vietnam : Spirits of the Earth
by Mary Cross, Frances FitzGerald
A huge coffeetable book with professional photographs of the people of Vietnam.
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Vietnam in Pictures (Visual Geography Series)
by Stacy Taus-Bolstad
Text and illustrations present detailed information on the geography, history and government, economy, people, cultural life and society of traditional and modern Vietnam.
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Pain and Grace - A Journey Through Vietnam
Jim Gensheimer
If you are looking for a photographic journal of Vietnam, beyond the ordinary, which explores the emotional and physical contrasts of this multifaceted land, this book will be one you pick up time and time again.
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Lonely Planet: Chasing Rickshaws
by Tony Wheeler
This is a lovely photography book of a way of life and transportation in Asia that is slowly on its way out. It documents rickshaws and their derivations (cyclos in Vietnam) around the world in full color photographs in 12 Asia cities, from Agra to Yogyakarta. Hanoi is one of the cities and the book shows the construction of a cyclo, cyclo's in use in markets and on the streets, and a huge lot of cyclo's waiting to be destroyed.
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World Of Decent Dreams : Vietnam Images
by Ellen Kaplowitz
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Passage to Vietnam: Through the Eyes of Seventy Photographers
by Jennifer Erwitt and Rick Smolan (Editors)
Striking photographs of Vietnamese images taken by a 70 professional photographers all in a one day.
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Along The Royal Roads To Angkor
by Yoshiaki Ishizawa
A stunning collection of photographs of the ancient monuments and modern people of Khmer and Cham heritage. Covers Angkor and major historical sites in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. A short history focused on major sites and on Cambodia is also included.
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A Portrait of Viet Nam
by Lou Dematteis
This touching book includes a set of remarkable photographs of Vietnamese people taking during a three year period of 1992-1995. The overall feeling of the book is uplifting, as it shows Vietnamese people working hard at various occupations, enjoying recreational time, and going about their daily lives. It even shows a group of children in an orphanage who are happily smiling. There are some photos which might require additional explanation for young children (military images, drug clinics and people wounded by agent Orange). Overall, the photographs in this book give a good introduction for a visit to Vietnam. It includes a foreward by the author, an introduction by Oliver Stone and an epilogue by Le Ly Hayslip.
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The Gift
By Phil Borges
"A beautifully crafted photo documentary of the volunteer work of surgeons, doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists as they treat facial anomalies, burns and birth defects of children in Vietnam and Peru." (Allison Martin)
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Vietnam: A Book of Changes
by Mitch Epstein
The photographs in this book are of Vietnam in 1996 during the early stages of De Moi (reopening to the West). Of interest to adoptive parents, this is also the period when North American adoptions from Vietnam were ramping up.
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