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Voices from Vietnam

The Tragedies and Triumphs of Americans and Vietnamese

Two Peoples Forever Entwined By the Legacy of War

By Charlene Edwards

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Review by Allison Martin

Voices from Vietnam is a collection of personal memories of the Vietnam-American War. The book includes interviews from a wide range of people who fought or were involved in the war, demonstrating the far reaching impact on America even today. Former soldiers, politicians, high ranking officers, nurses, family members and Vietnamese Americans immigrants provide a glimpse into the reality and aftermath of the war. The commands from those higher ranks tend to the bland, but the rank and file comments are searing in their honesty.

This book leaves one with a feeling of sorrow for the devastation causes by the war, in the United States as well as Vietnam. One brighter note of hope and of special interest to adoptive parents is a story relating the adoption of two babies during Operation Babylift. The photographs which accompany the anecdotes are a wonderful asset, as they provide an intimate look into the feelings of the participants. For those interested in the personal side of the war Voices of Vietnam by Charlene Edwards is a compelling and touching book.

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