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Heart of Mine

A Story of Adoption

By Raben and Sjogren Bokforlag

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Review by Karen Ledbetter, Adoption Editor on Bella Online

As the delightful story begins, “Once a little girl grew in her mommy’s belly……..” When the little girl was born, as much as her mommy and daddy wanted to, they could not take care of their new baby. At the same time, on the other side of the world, another mommy and daddy were waiting to become parents.

The story goes on to describe the adoptive parents’ joy and excitement as they learn about their new daughter and make plans to travel across the ocean to bring her home. Her name was Tu Thi. During their wait, Mommy and Daddy imagined what their new daughter was like. She was always in their thoughts. She was even in their dreams at night.

Finally the day came when they boarded a plane to carry them across the ocean to their daughter’s homeland. The story ends with the new family returning home to begin their lives together.

I cannot say enough about this book! I absolutely love it! Even though she came to us in a domestic adoption, my daughter loves this book! The whimsical illustrations and heartwarming story will captivate any child’s attention. Adoption is a beautiful and loving way to build a family, indeed!

Originally published in Sweden in 2000 under the title “Hjartat mitt”, this delightful book was translated into English during by Raben and Sjogren Bokforlag and published by R & S Books in 2001.

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