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Global Mom

Notes from a Pioneer Adoptive Parent

By Lana Noone

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Review by Allison Martin

Global Mom is a collection of rather lyrical musings by 'pioneer' adoptive parent Lana Noone and her children on adoption, race and parenting. In a thoughtful manner, it covers topics such as making time for your child's heritage, needs and perceptions at different ages, racism, and the invaluable attributes of care and attention. This is an inspirational book, with valuable insights for any parent with internationally adopted children

Lana Noone is the adoptive mother of three children. Two of her children were adopted from Vietnam during the 1975 Operation Babylift. Tragically, her first daughter was very ill and died soon after arriving in the United States. Her second daughter (adopted from Vietnam during Operation Babylift) and son (adopted from Korea) are now adults and thriving.

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