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Danielle, Where Are You?

By Cindy Roberts

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Review by Allison Martin

Danielle, Where Are You? is the personal story of the author's daughter, Danielle, from Vietnam. It is a colorfully illustrated story, with a happy tone, for younger children. When the Roberts' planned adoption from China fell through, they looked around the world for their little girl. She isn't in Africa, she isn't in Russia, she isn't in Peru. But there are many children waiting in Vietnam. The Roberts adopt two boys from Vietnam and continue to wait. Finally they bring Danielle home. The story ends with a picture of the happy Roberts family, two parents, three birth children and three children adopted from Vietnam, and the celebration of Danielle's adoption.

Young children will enjoy the bright and lively illustrations and simple upbeat text. It would also make a nice gift for waiting families. As they get older, children are likely to have additional questions about their adoption, waiting children and their life in Vietnam, to which parents can use their shared reading time together to answer.

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