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Bringing Our Angel Home

By Tracy Sanford Pillow

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Review by Allison Martin

Bringing Our Angel Home by Tracy Pillow is the first hand, detailed story of the Pillow family's adoption of a two year old Vietnamese girl, Gracie Minh. Minh is an adorable, good natured little girl who was born with cleft lip and severe cleft palate. When Minh was almost two years old, Pillow was captivated by her photograph in the waiting children section of HI Families, the Holt adoption agency's magazine. Everyone in her family of seven felt a tug in their hearts as they saw Minh staring out to them in the photograph, and agreed that, "God has sent this little angel, however indirectly, straight to us."

Bringing our Angel Home proceeds from the time the Pillows start their homestudy and ends with their return home with Minh and the initiation of her cleft repair surgeries. The heart of the book is the Pillow's experiences in Vietnam. We share their journey as they travel around Ho Chi Minh City and the countryside (e.g., Tay Ninh, Vung Tau, ...), visit the orphanage in Binh Duong, and get to know Minh. Pillow also provides quite a bit of information on Vietnam itself which will be of interest to adoptive families. Discussions of Vietnamese culture include overviews of Vietnamese food, economy, population and religions. Numerous black and white photographs illustrate almost every page, providing an informative view of their Vietnam experience. Photographic highlights include the Pillow's sightseeing encounters, their visit to the orphanage, and Minh and her care. In sum, Bringing Our Angel Home is adoption story that will educate and entrance its readers.

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