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Vietnam Adoption Agency Program:
Wasatch International Adoptions

Vietnam Adoption Program Description: WIA offers in-state parent education classes, and education classes via the Internet for families living outside the states of Minnesota and Utah. We have a very caring and responsive staff who is works with all adoptive parents in order to make the adoption process as smooth an easy as possible. WIA has a reputation for hands on help for their adoptive families and work very hard on behalf of our families to help them with the entire adoption process. Our Vietnamese staff is wonderful, and very helpful and caring. The orphanage we work with is an excellent orphanage and the care of the babies is very good. We visited many orphanages before choosing this specific orphanage to work with, and feel the orphanage director and his staff provide wonderful care for the children while they are waiting for families to adopt them and take them home. WIA has a very hands on approach to this Vietnam program and feel comfortable recommending it to adoptive families.

Humanitarian Work in Vietnam: To date WIA has provided assistance in repairing the physical facilities of the orphanage in Phu Tho. WIA recently purchased several new sewing machines for the older girls living in the orphanage in order for them to learn to sew clothing. By developing this skill they will have a skill and will be able to obtain work when it is time for them to leave the orphanage. Further plans are to upgrade the buildings and purchase additional land adjacent to the buildings so the orphanage director can expand the facilities and install a play yard for the children.

Requirements: Married couples and single women can adopt from Vietnam. Adoptive families must be at least 25 years old and be at least 20 years older than the child they want to adopt. Families must be financially, mentally and emotionally stable and capable of rearing an adopted child. Current family size is not an issue as long as the family meets all other requirements.

Estimated Cost: $21,500 to $25,000

Date Agency Started: February 1997
Licensing State(s): Utah and Minnesota
Date Started in Vietnam: 1998 and then again in November of 2006.
Vietnam Provinces: Phu Tho
501(c)(3) Non Profit: Since July 1997
Memberships: Utah Adoption Council, JCICS, COA accredited

Adoption Agency: Wasatch International Adoptions
Addresses: 3755 Washington Blvd, Suite 300, Ogden, Utah 84403
Phone: 801-334-8683

Information on this page is provided by the agency. By responding to questions for our parent support site, these agencies indicate their support for openess in Vietnam adoptions. We are not an agency nor does this listing represent our endorsement. I have spent many hours putting together this free resource to facilitate more open information on adopting from Vietnam and help parents make an informed adoption decision. I hope you find it useful! Please take the time to carefully research your adoption agency selection.

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