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Vietnam Adoption Agency Program:
Plan Loving Adoptions Now (PLAN)

Vietnam Adoption Program Description: We anticipate that most children will range from 3 months to 6 months at time of referral; some toddlers may be possible. Referral time for paper ready families is 3 to 6 months. Travel upon acceptance of referral will likely be 1 to 3 months. First family traveling in early August, but time in country is estimated to be 2 weeks, and could be less. Families will receive child within first days of arriving in Vietnam, only one parent required to travel. Throughout entire process, full escorting for all official business and dedication to details wil be provided by our bilingual staff, all in country official travel for families adopting in the north will be included in country fee, also passport and child's u.s. visa physical fee. There will be time for sightseeing, shopping and every effort will be made by PLAN staff to make the adoption journey a memorable, rewarding experience.

Humanitarian Work in Vietnam: Provided aid to vietnam beginning in 1975; donations of funds to several orphanages in Vietnam, including Mam Non 4, HCMC, Gien Giang.

Requirements: No known age restrictions of adoptive parents, singles must be at least 25, preferred that first time parents be open to gender, Vietnam does not allow the adoption of a child by gay or lesbian persons.

Estimated Cost: Total estimated including travel is $25,000-$28,000--complete list of costs and fees will be provided upon request.

Date Agency Started: 1975
Licensing State(s): Oregon, approved to work in all states, including placements in NY
Date Started in Vietnam: 1975, PLAN started with the initial purpose of helping the Vietnam orphans, participated in placing some children from Operation Babylift. In 1988, PLAN again was invited to go to Vietnam and began placing children again from 1989 through 2003. PLAN has placed many children from Vietnam, including babies, special needs children, older children and siblings.
Vietnam Provinces: (Ba Vi)Ha Noi, (Viet Tri)Phu Tho, Ba-Ria, Vung Tau
501(c)(3) Non Profit: Since 1975
Memberships: JCICS, NACAC, Coalition of Oregon Adoptive Agencies

Adoption Agency: Plan Loving Adoptions Now
Address: 850 SE Booth Bend Rd, PO Box 667, McMinnville, Oregon 97128
Phone: 503-472-8452

Information on this page is provided by the agency. By responding to questions for our parent support site, these agencies indicate their support for openess in Vietnam adoptions. We are not an agency nor does this listing represent our endorsement. I have spent many hours putting together this free resource to facilitate more open information on adopting from Vietnam and help parents make an informed adoption decision. I hope you find it useful! Please take the time to carefully research your adoption agency selection.

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