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Vietnam Adoption Agency Program:
Gift of Love International Adoptions

Vietnam Adoption Program Description: Our in-country staff has vast experience in working with children in the social assistance centers and will accompany families 24/7 in Vietnam. Families will spend the entire adoption trip and US Embassy visit in Hanoi, traveling to Hoa Binh for the G and R ceremony; families are encouraged to have a transitional visit to areas of interest upon arriving in Vietnam.

Humanitarian Work in Vietnam: We have supported Hoa Binh Social Assistance Center since 2001.

Requirements: Both singles and couples 25-55 are eligible. Minimum income
requirement of $30,000/couple; general good health and financial stability.

Estimated Cost: For Iowa Families: $18,500 (includes pre-post adoption reports, dossier certification, translation, authentication, agency< placement fee, international program fee) + CIS Filing Fee and travel and
accommodations. For Out-of-State (OOS) Families: $17,500 (includes, dossier certification, translation, authentication, agency placement fee, international program fee) + CIS Filing Fee and travel and accommodations. Please request the "Disclosure Statement for Vietnam" for a listing of all details for both Iowa and OOS Families.

Date Agency Started: 1994
Licensing State(s): Iowa
Date Started in Vietnam: 2000
Vietnam Provinces: Hoa Binh
501(c)(3) Non Profit: Since April 1998
Memberships: JCICS, NACAC, Iowa Association of Adoption Agencies

Adoption Agency: Gift of Love International Adoptions, Inc.
Addresses: 7405 University Avenue, Suite 1, Des Moines, Iowa 50325
Phone: (515) 255-3388; (Toll-Free) 1-877-282-8015

Information on this page is provided by the agency. By responding to questions for our parent support site, these agencies indicate their support for openess in Vietnam adoptions. We are not an agency nor does this listing represent our endorsement. I have spent many hours putting together this free resource to facilitate more open information on adopting from Vietnam and help parents make an informed adoption decision. I hope you find it useful! Please take the time to carefully research your adoption agency selection.

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