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Vietnam Adoption Agency Program:
Adoptions International

Vietnam Adoption Program Description: Our program is run by a Vietnamese couple who lives here in Texas and who wants to give back to their country by helping the orphaned children in Vietnam find loving homes in the U.S. He is a licensed attorney and she is a CEO of a business in Texas. His brother participated in the baby lift in early 70s by driving a bus full of children out of Saigon and over the border. One or both of them will be flying with each family to help them throughout the entire process.

Humanitarian Work in Vietnam: We provide Humanitarian Aid to several orphanages in the regions where we work. We are currently raising money for disabled children so we can buy wheelchairs for the orphanage. We also plan to open a foster center where children will be cared for by foster parents instead of living in institutions.

Requirements: Vietnam accepts married couples as well as singles and has no upper age limit. Parents must be at least 20 years older than the child they are adopting.

Estimated Cost: $12,000 Foreign fee (estimate)

Date Agency Started: 1996
Licensing State(s): Texas
Date Started in Vietnam: November 2005
Vietnam Provinces: Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh
501(c)(3) Non Profit: As of June 2000

Adoption Agency Name: Adoptions International
Address: 8710 Greenville Ave, Suite A, Dallas, TX 75243 (yes, we ve moved)
Phone: 214-342-8388 Dallas; 1-866-97ADOPT (Toll Free)

Information on this page is provided by the agency. By responding to questions for our parent support site, these agencies indicate their support for openess in Vietnam adoptions. We are not an agency nor does this listing represent our endorsement. I have spent many hours putting together this free resource to facilitate more open information on adopting from Vietnam and help parents make an informed adoption decision. I hope you find it useful! Please take the time to carefully research your adoption agency selection.

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