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Vietnam Adoption Agency Program:
Vietnamese Orphans Relief Fund (VORF)

Vietnam Adoption Program Description: VORF is licensed to work in the central provinces of Danang, Quang Nam (Tam Ky, and Hoi An) and in the north we have Phu Tho. VORF will arrange your travel with our experienced agent, to offer the most cost effective and pleasurable trip. You will be greeted at the airport in Vietnam by VORF staff and you will be escorted throughout the process by experienced bilingual guides who will introduce you to the beautiful culture and people of Vietnam. Our Vietnam staff will completely guide you through all governmental appointments and ensure your leisure time is filled with shopping and guided tours. Staff is available 24/7 while in country. Mr. GT Le has personally assisted over 150 children find their forever families and would like the opportunity to assist you.

Humanitarian Work in Vietnam: The Vietnamese Orphans Relief Fund is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in Vietnam through humanitarian aid and adoption assistance. VORF was originally founded by a group of adoptive parents of Vietnamese children, who wanted to give back to the country of their children's birth. VORF is licensed in Vietnam as a humanitarian organization by PACCOM and as an adoption agency by Vietnam Ministry of Justice. Presently, we are licensed to provide adoption services in the provinces of Danang, Phu Tho and Quang Nam. We support five orphanages within these provinces and fund several additional community development programs. We anticipate adding new provinces in the future.

VORF began humanitarian work in Vietnam through our coordinator, Mr. GT le. Prior to our inception, GT and his wife, Joann, personally devoted their lives to helping the people of their homeland. While GT developed and managed a very successful adoption program from 1997-2002 when the moratorium was imposed on all adoptions from the United States, their commitment and devotion never wavered. Over the last 3 years VORF and the Le's have assisted several elderly patients and needy children obtain cataract surgery by coordinating efforts with Joann's brother, a nationally recognized physician in Danang General Hospital. GT's commitment to the elderly was realized with the establishment of a senior center in Hoi An providing shelter, medical treatment and loving care to the aging population.

One of the first major accomplishments of VORF was the construction of a separate wing (4 rooms) to the Danang Red Cross Orphanage which was completed in January 2003. We continue to provide ongoing maintenance and operation support. We also have funded programs in Quang Nam and Phu Tho that rewards high achieving poor children with scholarships. From 2003 to 2005, VORF funded a free legal clinic to provide legal assistance and education to the disadvantaged and minority Vietnamese in Hoa Binh. In 2005, we purchased a van for the Center for Disabled Children and Orphans in Thanh Ba district, Phu Tho province to transport poor children and seniors that live in the highlands, to medical facilities. Our latest fundraising drive has resulted in the renovation of 5 homes for the poor in Danang. Since 2001 GT has completed renovation of 25 homes in Danang area.

Our long term goals include: Vocational Training Center for orphans released from orphanages. This will include foreign language, computer and technology training, construction, craftsmanship and education. We will offer housing, food, and small stipend as they progress into society. Individual sponsorship of a child in this program will soon be available with updates and pictures of "your" child's progress.

Each orphanage we serve will have a "Joann's corner" which is a designated play area devoted to fostering healthy childhood development and socialization skills. The children will find this a warm environment stocked with appropriate toys that promote a healthy development. Additionally this program will include special training for caregivers and orphanage volunteers.

Requirements: The program is open to married couples and single applicants both male and female. An applicant must be at least 25 years of age and 20 years older than the prospective adoptive child. As always, USCIS guidelines and approval is required.

Cost: The estimate of your adoption expenses will vary state to state depending on the home study requirements and post-placement guidelines imposed in your individual state. We have compiled a thorough reference list and you are welcome and encouraged to talk with other adoptive parents. We are committed to making adoption an affordable option for your family as well as finding loving homes for as many orphans as possible. At this time we estimate the total cost to be approximately $23,000 to $25,000. Please contact our office for a comprehensive breakdown of these costs.

*Please remember the Hope for Children Act which provides a $10,000 adoption credit. Information can be obtained at

Date Agency Started: 1993
Licensing State(s): Ohio
Licensed by Vietnam: Yes 2006
Date started in NV: January, 2006
Vietnam Provinces: Danang, Phu Tho and Quang Nam. We anticipate adding new provinces in the future.
501(c)(3) Non Profit: Since May 12, 2003
Memberships: JCICS

Adoption Agency: Vietnamese Orphans Relief Fund (VORF)
Address: 3784 Washington Park Blvd., Newburgh Heights, OH 44105
Phone: 216-255-9253

Information on this page is provided by the agency. By responding to questions for our parent support site, these agencies indicate their support for openess in Vietnam adoptions. We are not an agency nor does this listing represent our endorsement. I have spent many hours putting together this free resource to facilitate more open information on adopting from Vietnam and help parents make an informed adoption decision. I hope you find it useful! Please take the time to carefully research your adoption agency selection.

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