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Vietnam Adoption Process

Guide to the paperchase for Vietnam adoption - from preparing to adopt through selecting an adoption agency to completing the various stages of adoption documentation. Also includes statistics for Vietnam adoptions and information on adopting from other countries.

Preparing for Your Adoption from Vietnam
Get ready for your adoption from Vietnam: from deciding to adopt to organizing paperwork and surviving "The Wait."

Selecting Your Adoption Agency
Guide for selecting your adoption agency - Vietnam Adoption Agency Directory, interviewing, cautions and resources.

Vietnam Adoption Agency Directory
The Vietnam Adoption Agency Directory provides comprehensive up-to-date information on the Vietnam adoption programs, contacts, requirements, costs and more for adoption agencies licensed in Vietnam.

Adoption Procedures & Paperwork
How to adopt from Vietnam. Guide to the requirements and procedures for your Vietnam adoption, including federal guidance, fingerprinting, immigration forms, citizenship, and more.

U.S. Statistics for Vietnamese Adoptions
Number of Vietnamese children adopted each year in the United States.

International Adoption
Adoptions from Vietnam from Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries.

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