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Procedures and Paperwork for Vietnam Adoptions

How to adopt from Vietnam. Requirements and procedures for your Vietnam adoption, including federal guidance, fingerprinting, immigration forms, citizenship, and more.

Important Efforts Encouraging Continued Vietnam Adoption
Learn more about intiatives to encourage the continuation of Vietnam adoption.

Federal Government Guidance for Vietnam Adoptions: Procedures and Advisories
Annotated list of government resources, including US requirements, overviews and advisories for international adoption process and adoption from Vietnam.

USCIS Recommendations for Ethical Adoption from Vietnam
Detailed guidance for prospective adoptive parents who wish to ensure a successful and ethical adoption.

How the Hague Convention Regulations Improve Your International Adoption Agency or Facilitator Selection Process
The rationale behind the new Hague Convention regulations and how helps your your international adoption process.

Fingerprinting Requirements
Timing and cost of fingerprinting, whose fingerprints are required, where to go for fingerprints, and how to get more information.

I-600 and I-600a U.S. Immigration Forms for Adoption
Fees, form downloads, processing time and USCIS contact information.

Visa for entry to Vietnam
How and where to get visa's for your trip to Vietnam.

Adoption Citizenship
How and when your adopted child becomes a citizen.

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the ... Homestudy
A humorous tale of an adoption home inspection. (Peggy Knudson)

International Adoption Safeguards in the United States for Adopted Children
Protection by state and federal legal requirements for children adopted from abroad. (Jean Nelson-Erichson & Heino R. Erichson)

See also:

Selecting Your Adoption Agency
Agency listing and resources for choosing an agency.

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