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International Adoption Resources for Canada

By Jan Olson

Intercountry Adoption - Canada Government Resource Links
Canadian government's departments and services for international adoption in Canada, from Human Resources and Social Development Canada.

Citizenship & Immigration Resources for Canada
Canadian International Adoption and the Immigration Process: guide to the process of international adoption and the entry of adoptive children into Canada.

Canada Vietnam Adoption Stories

A Canadian Adoption Story
Canadian, Karen Couture shares the story of her first adoption from Vietnam.

Vietnam to Canada - Our Second Adoption
The story of Karen Couture's second adoption from Vietnam to Canada.

Adopting from Vietnam as a Single Mom
The quest for motherhood - Kim Lewis' Vietnam to Canada adoption story.

Canada Adoption Groups and Support Lists
Forums, listervs, yahoo groups for Canada adoptions. Also groups for adoption topics and international adoption issues.

Family Helper
A great resource for Canada international adoption information, Canada's National Adoption Magazine covers all areas of the adoption community from infertility to search and reunion.

Adoption Council of Canada
Provides information and education to the general public on all aspects of adoption. The Adoption Council of Canada (ACC) is the umbrella organization for adoption in Canada.

Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services - Canada Adoption
This Ontario agency has excellent international adoption resources for Canada, including a list of licensed international adoption agencies.

Vietnam Adoption Agency Directory
Vietnam adoption agencies information and listing.

Adoptive Families Association - British Columbia
British Columbia adoption community.

National Bank of Canada Adoption Loans
Loans and financing for international adoptions by Canadians.

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