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Preparing for Your Adoption from Vietnam

Getting ready for your adoption from Vietnam, from deciding to adopt and learning about adoption to organizing paperwork and surviving "The Wait."

Are you Ready for International Adoption
Issues to consider before deciding on International adoption. (Lori Resove)

Choosing Adoption After Infertility
It takes time to work through the issues of infertility to look at options beyond pregnancy. (Allison Martin)

Organizing the Adoption Paperchase
How to organize paperwork for international adoption. (Allison Martin)

Coping with Anxiety - Surviving the Adoption Wait
Longer wait times for adoption can result in greater anxiety for prospective adoptive parents, as they worry about issues like bonding, health and adoptions falling through. This article on anxiety and adoption helps to put these issues into perspective. (Dawn Davenport)

International Adoption Education
What should prospective adoption parents educate themselves on while preparing for their international adoption? (Dr. Victor Groza)

Vietnam Adoption Memories - One Year Ago Today
Inspiration for new parents. An adoptive mother looks back with happiness on the memories of her first meeting with her baby in Vietnam. (Cindy Davanzo)

Things to Work on Before Your Referral
Tasks to accomplish while you wait. (Margaret Weeks)

Activities While You Wait
Activities to pass the time for waiting parents. (Jennifer Brizzi)

What I Did During "The Wait!"
Keep busy with these preparations while waiting for your adoption. (Maureen)

Adoption Class
What can you learn in adoption class? An adoptive father shares the benefits of a pre-adoption class for prospective parents. (Rocky A. DeLorenzo)

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