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Older Child Adoption

Articles on adoption and parenting of older children.

See also Adoption Books for more information on adopting older children, attachment, and related topics.

Adopting An Older Child
Advice on adopting and raising an older child. (Marjorie Hershey)

Adopting and Parenting the Older Child
An Interview with Trish Maskew, Author of "Our Own - Adopting and Parenting the Older Child" (Allison Martin)

The Waiting Child
Poem about adoption of an older child. (Debbie Bodie)

Adopting an Older Child from Vietnam: Yes!
Steven Murray describes the adoption of his daughter from Vietnam when she was three years old.

In Praise of Older Children
A five year old child from the Vietnam countryside settles into school and homelife. (Terry)

Danielle Where Are You?
Interview with author Cindy Roberts on adopting an older child and her Vietnam adoption book for children. (Allison Martin)

Adoption and Parenting Book Reviews
Books on adopting older children, attachment and other related topics.

Articles relevant to older child adoption from our adoption health section include:

Adverse Impacts on Children Living in Orphanage Institutions

Malnutrition and International Adoption

Language Development and Internationally Adopted Children

Speech Services and International Adoption

Growth Charts

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