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I-600 and I-600a U.S. Immigration Forms for Adoption

Obtain and file the immigration forms for your adoption: I-600 and I-600a fees, form downloads, processing time and USCIS contact information.

Immigration Form Fees (USCIS)
Information on immigration forms and their fees from the USCIS.

I-600A costs $750 (filing + biometric) for you + $ 80 biometric fee for each person 18 or older living with you. If you have an approved I-600A that is about to expire you can receive one free extension by filing a new I-600A without a fee before the first expires.

There is no charge for the I-600 if based on an approved I-600A. Otherwise $750 (filing + biometric) for you + $ 80 biometric fee for each person 18 or older living with you.

Basic Orphan Petition Procedures
Which immigration forms to file for your child, plus when, how and where.

Obtain immigration forms for your child direct from the USCIS:

Processing Time for USCIS Immigration Paperwork
This USCIS site lists immigration wait times, although it is apparently of varying accuracy. You can also check your individual USCIS Case Status online. Not official, but the bottom of the Rumor Queen site includes parent reports for USCIS processing times. Also check your local FCV chapter to see what other parents have encountered.

USCIS Service and Office Locator
Find your local USCIS office, with this search engine.

You can also call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 for information on contacting your local office. The NCSC cannot provide status or information on your individual case, but can answer general questions.

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