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Health Information for Children Adopted from Vietnam

Articles and resources for health and medical issues which may be encountered in your Vietnam adoption.

For health issues in regards to travel to Vietnam, see also the Travel Health section of Adopt Vietnam. For detailed health and disability information see these large parent support sites: Comeunity Adoption Health, Prematurity, and Children's Disabilities Information.

Vietnam Adoption Health Articles and Resources:

Medical Resource List: International Adoption Doctors, Physicians and Pediatricians and Clinics
List of doctors and adoption medical clinics in the United States and Canada providing health and medical information for adoptive families. Use this resource for expert evaluation of your referral or concerns during your adoption in Vietnam.

Adopting Children with Special Needs
Advice on finding children with special needs to adopt and resources to help you in your adoption and thereafter. (Allison Martin)

Vietnam Growth Charts
Vietnamese and Asian growth charts, and their use for babies and children adopted from Vietnam.

Pediatrician's Advice on Adoption
What you can anticipate in terms of caring for your adopted child before, during, and after adoption. (Dr. Michel Cohen)

Malnutrition and International Adoption
Malnutrition impacts the growth patterns of children adopted internationally. (Jean Nelson-Erichson and Heino R. Erichson)

Adverse Impacts on Children Living in Orphanage Institutions
In this interview, Dr. Victor Groza explains risk factors and impacts in children institutionalized in orphanages for long periods of time.

Language Development and Internationally Adopted Children
Families with internationally adopted children may have unique communication challenges. If a child is language delayed in a birth language, she may also be delayed in other areas of development. (Laura Dyer)

Speech Services and International Adoption
A child psychologist who frequently assesses children's language and cognitive development, provides the following suggestions for adoptive parents concerned about their children's speech. (Dr. Cathy Guttentag)

Review of Thalassemia anemia groups and its treatment in children. (Dr. Nancy Ferguson)

The discovery of parasites infesting your beloved child can cause new parents a bit of shock! This article provides information on parasites that might be found in children adopted from Vietnam.

Giardia & Vietnam Adoption
Giardia also has been found in children adopted from some areas of Vietnam. This article provides an overview of symptoms and treatment. (Allison Martin)

Scabies and Post Scabies Information
Description and treatment of scabies and Infant Acropustulosis, sometimes occuring in babies and young children adopted from Vietnam. See also: Scabies and Acroputulosis Resources

More health and medical articles for Vietnam adoption:

Health and Medical Information for Travel to Vietnam
Crucial health information for your trip to Vietnam.

Comeunity: Adoption Health
A huge collection of articles on the health of children adopted from Asia. Most of our health and medical information is on Comeunity.

Children's Disabilities Information
Popular site with articles and resources on a variety of children's special needs, including sensory integration, prematurity, cleft palate, and much more.

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