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Fingerprinting Requirements

Fingerprinting requirements for your international adoption - timing and cost of fingerprinting, whose fingerprints are required, where to go for fingerprints, and how to get more information. Summary of fingerprint requirements and direct links to federal information.

International Adoption and Fingerprint Requirements
You have 15 months from the time of fingerprinting to receive approval on your I-600A and your I-600. It may be necessary to provide fingerprints more than once in order to comply with Immigration regulations.

If you will be filing an I-600 application within 30 days of your fingerprint expiration, it is recommended that you be printed again. If you file your I-600 overseas and your fingerprints have expired, you can be fingerprinted at the Embassy or Consulate. However, this takes much longer.

The fingerprint fee must be paid at your local U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office. When you go to the USCIS office to be scheduled for fingerprints, bring your I-171H approval notice with you. You will then be provided with a referral letter/appointment notice giving you the date, time and location to appear for fingerprinting.

USCIS has opened 84 freestanding fingerprint sites and 46 sites located in existing USCIS offices. USCIS now employs a system where fingerprints are taken and submitted electronically to the FBI. Cost $70 per adult

Fingerprint Instructions for Orphan Petitions
USCIS Special Fingerprint Instructions for Form I-600 and Form I-600A. Immigration regulations require that prospective adoptive parents and all additional adult (18 years of age or older) members of the prospective adoptive parents’ household provide fingerprints to USCIS for completion of FBI background checks.

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