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Selecting Your Adoption Agency

Guide for selecting your adoption agency - interviewing, suggested questions, cautions and resources.

Vietnam Adoption Agency Directory
The Vietnam Adoption Agency Directory provides comprehensive up-to-date information on the Vietnam adoption programs, contacts, requirements, costs and more for adoption agencies licensed in Vietnam.

Adoption Agencies Licensed in Vietnam
Check this list maintained by the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi to be sure your agency is licensed in Vietnam and for the province in which you are adopting.

USCIS Recommendations for Ethical Adoption from Vietnam
This interview includes practical advice for selecting an adoption agency or facilitator.

Interviewing an Adoption Agency
Guidance and sample questions for interviewing international adoption agencies. (Sara Myers)

Selecting An Agency
Adoption requirements and advice for selecting and paying an adoption agency. (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

Resources for Selecting An Agency
Online resources to assist you in choosing an agency.

Legal Considerations for Your Adoption
There are several steps in every adoption and each one takes time. Interview with Brette McWhorter Sember, author of "The Complete Adoption and Fertility Legal Guide." (Allison Martin)

Agency-Initiated and Parent-Initiated Adoptions
Pros and cons of the two major types of international adoptions: agency-initiated adoptions and direct or independent adoptions. (Jean Nelson-Erichson and Heino R. Erichson)

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Procedures and Paperwork for Vietnam Adoptions
Help for Vietnam adoption procedures and regulations.

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